Why should you advertise?

We all have something to say (some more than others). But how do you effectively get that message out to your current and potential customers?

online-advertising76logo-test will help you locate where your customers spend their time on and off-line and create ad campaigns that help build your brand and drive traffic to your business. Want to let all of your existing customers know of an upcoming promotion via email or even text message? We’ve got you covered. How about attracting new customers with some cool banner ads on an enthusiast website? DONE. Oh, you want to have a 30 second commercial produced and placed on specific television stations? Easy as pie.

And don’t forget social media ads. The advertising function on Facebooklogo and  is a marketer’s wet dream providing the ability to zero in directly to who you want to communicate with (and not who you don’t). What is fascinating is that this is all based on the information people have already told Facebook about themselves.

For example, let’s say you own a pizza shop. You could advertise a promotion that is shown specifically to people that are fans of your biggest competitor undercutting his prices. Evil? Maybe. Effective? You bet your pepperoni.