Who are we? Well, who are you?

No, seriously, we want to know who you are. Because this is how we operate.

We want to know every single detail about you and your business so we can assist you do things like help more people, make more money, put your kids through college, buy a mid-life crisis sports car and retire early. We want to know who your customers are and who you want your customers to be. We want to know what you sell, why you are the best in your field and how you have been successful in the past.

But most importantly, we want to know what you would do if you had the time, money and resources to have a full-blown marketing department. Because that is where we come in.

Our “new economy” has taught us that things like lavish company Christmas parties, French impressionist paintings in the office and $90,000/year in-house marketing professionals are something small businesses can do without. But we have also learned that doing nothing to promote your business is a recipe for disaster.

So who is going to do all of that stuff that your now unemployed marketing professional used to handle? Of course YOU are more than capable of handling all of these responsibilities on your own but don’t you have enough to worry about?

So hire us. We can do it all.

We are a group of highly educated, motivated, experienced, customer service focused, marketing ninjas. And even better, we cost a small fraction of that in-house marketing professional.