Lou's Jewelry and Pawn logo by 76 Solutionspawnboss logo

Lou’s pawn shop or, THE PAWN BOSS, continues to be one of our most important clients. This very successful firm has been in business for close to 100 years and is constantly pursuing new customers. 76 Solutions was brought in to do a complete brand make-over, capitalizing on the huge personality of the firm’s owner. We developed a new logo, business cards and built a new website. 76 Solutions is also coordinating and producing the promotional tools for this campaign including television commercials, billboards, mass transit ads and a google adword campaign. Additionally, we were contracted to build Lou’s eBay business which has increased 10 times since project inception.

Lou's Pawnshop Screenshot

“Lou’s required strong branding- and we DELIVERED!”

Lou's Jewelry and Pawn Branding by 76 Solutions
As part of our re-branding of Lou’s Pawn, we assisted in creating “The Pawn Boss” ad campaign.
Below is 1 of the 16 commercials produced.

76 Solutions increased Lou’s Ebay business 1000% within 3 months