Top 5 Reasons You Still Need A Business Card in The Digital Age

Business cards are a staple of professional life, but in the digital age some people question their relevance. There are still many reasons to carry business cards today. Not only do they help make a great first impression, they also provide handy contact information and open up networking opportunities. This article will outline why business..

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76 Solutions Logo

Jason Zucker Wants to Buy You Dinner!

Good Afternoon! I hope this finds you well. As my company, 76 Solutions, enters its fifth year of business, I am always looking for new and interesting ways to spread the word about our services. I constantly preach to my clients that effective communication with existing and potential customers is incredibly important, like this post..
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Rogers Feature Ad

Creating Awareness: Cross-Platform Advertising Campaign

76 Solutions proudly provides various services that meet our clients’ needs. We understand the importance of connecting with and engaging customers. One of our clients, Rogers High Fidelity, were looking to increase awareness about their products and what makes them stand out among competitors. Founded in 2009, Rogers High Fidelity produces high-performance amplifiers. Vacuum Tube Amplifiers are..
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