Docuvault Card

Docuvault wanted to further expand their brand through various materials. 76 Solutions successfully designed and created business cards, shirt designs, and digital mockups for larger scale projects (such as proposed truck designs and vinyl window decals).

76 Solutions performed an expansion of Docuvault’s branding. The business cards featured a die cut that complimented the company’s logo.
Docuvault Screenshot
Shirt designs were created so that the whole Docuvault team would look consistent while representing the company.
Docuvault T Shirt Screenshot
Digital mockups were created for proposed larger scale projects. This gave the client a realistic idea of what the finished product would look like once completed and printed.
Truck designs were generated and proposed when Docuvault asked to showcase that they also shred hard drives.
Docuvault Office Screenshot
 Vinyl window designs were also generated for Docuvault’s conference room.
Docuvault Office Screenshot
Docuvault Office Screenshot
Docuvault’s Core Values wall – proposed mockup vs. final executed design.
Docuvault Wall Image