Whitaker Wellness Institute is the largest alternative healthcare clinic in the United States. 76 Solutions was brought in to review their current marketing strategy and help them use online channels to better reach their target audience. We were able to train existing staff on how to properly leverage social media and existing email marketing. We also started and continue to manage an Adwords campaign to purchase keywords related to their offerings.

Through our dealings we have been asked to assist in the management of their massive website along with creating a mobile friendly version.


76 Solutions assists in the management of the Whitaker Wellness Institute Website
This is the version of the site optimized for mobile devices

Whether it’s redesigning, recreating and refining documents, or implementing new creative content, 76 Solutions has created several graphic design pieces for Whitaker Wellness.

2016 Rates & Registration
February 2016 Postcard
March 2016 Insert

April 2016 Insert