76 Solutions proudly provides various services that meet our clients’ needs. We understand the importance of connecting with and engaging customers.

One of our clients, Rogers High Fidelity, were looking to increase awareness about their products and what makes them stand out among competitors. Founded in 2009, Rogers High Fidelity produces high-performance amplifiers. Vacuum Tube Amplifiers are built one at a time, by hand, in Upstate New York.

76 Solutions combined several services to generate successful awareness.

Online Advertising and Social Media Management (through Facebook and Youtube):


For example, Youtube videos were created to showcase aspects that are truly unique to Rogers. In this particular video, Roger explains how they hand wire their products in the USA with the finest components, creating the most reliable and best sounding amplifiers available.

Watch Teflon VS. PVC Coated Wire Below

Facebook was used as a platform, and tool, to target and expose audio equipment enthusiasts to Rogers. This also linked back to the specific Youtube video as shown above.

Print Advertising:
This designed ad example was displayed in Stereophile,The Absolute Sound, and TONE Audio magazines. This also further linked/directed individuals to the Youtube video as displayed above.